Going the Distance

“Going the Distance” is the campaign slogan for White Horse Entertainment’s fundraising events for its first productions. The desire is to involve local community, fundraising through many creative avenues that allow the general public to have a greater participation in the growth of White Horse and the development of its films. While traditional investors are not discouraged, to make this a community-supported, community-funded company sets it apart and creates a marketing strategy based on word-of-mouth. It is the goal of White Horse Entertainment to make “Going the Distance” a household phrase associated with going further than ever before in local independent production.

Film offers a broad array of opportunities not only for talent and crew but to the local community as well.

Notoriety filmwatchingA project on the scale of a major feature film draws global attention allowing relatively unknown locations to be seen in a positive light.

sounder_train_1509_approaching_auburn Local Businesses Benefit 64093_73_b
Food establishments, hotels and transportation systems benefit from the influx of people associated with film production.

Film unifies the artist community as it requires the skills of writers, actors, set builders, graphic artists, costumers, make-up artists, musicians, technicians and more! Being community based, White Horse seeks to showcase local talent as well as opening opportunities for students to learn and grow as artists.