White Horse Entertainment is an independent film company creating high-quality professional feature films for mass-market distribution. We aspire to bring artists of the Pacific Northwest together to compete at the highest level of filmmaking prevalent in Hollywood and British Columbia.




The following was the opening “teaser” for a promotional presentation emphasizing our major motion picture Night Hawk and our vision of “Going the Distance” in major film. Our full mission is not centered solely on “blockbuster” performances, though we strive to make every production at a level equal to the most highly acclaimed films in their respective genres. Professional quality is always at the heart of what we do.


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The dreams we have for White Horse Entertainment are unfortunately not cheap. There are a lot of expenses. We wish to work on a high, professional level; providing opportunities for many people to learn, work and grow. If you believe in our vision and wish to help us reach our goals, we appreciate any donation amount and will honor all financial gifts.
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