ARK: Armed with Righteous Knowledge

Follow a diverse group of animals as they take you on rip-roarin’ adventures aboard Noah’s ark in fast-paced episodes with a wide array of Biblically-based themes.

With many conflicting values being taught children, the show seeks to provide viewers with a firm foundation in Biblical values. Designed for discipleship, it uses a highly diverse group of animals brought together during a devastating time in history as a metaphor for children navigating the storms of today while having to interact with diverse individuals

Along with the animated feature, three short application videos accompany each episode, consisting of both simple 2D animation and live action. “Foundations” focuses on a Bible verse applicable to the episode it accompanies. “Nature” is a lesson about a specific animal seen or featured in the episode. “History” takes a closer look at the real story of Noah’s ark, answering one question per episode about the making of the ark, its function, or the flood itself. The following is a sample of the “Nature” video, this one entitled “Sheep, What’s the Big Deal?”