Hoofbeats of the Northwest

8d936d9a-61bc-4820-bcc1-775643b784bf  Horses have, and still do, play an important role in the Pacific Northwest. White Horse Entertainment is beginning its film legacy with a high-powered documentary about how horses are touching lives throughout Western Washington in a variety of unique jobs.


We now have the first of our “Going the Distance” shorts available for viewing.



Slated to be filmed in the summer of 2020, Latro is a supernatural thriller about a small town under siege by a mysterious force coming in the form of a terrifying ghost dog.


Soul Finder

A modern day drama is in the works as our first feature film, encompassing a tale of emotional healing and the value of human life.





The first of White Horse Entertainment’s major “blockbuster” style films, Night Hawk (based on the novel series by Jolene Loraine) is a science-fantasy action series that tells the story of a man suffering personal loss only to be thrown onto the front lines of war. There he must learn the value of taking a stand in his world’s darkest hours.

Night Hawk Preproduction Stage