Night Hawk Preproduction


The Night Hawk series provides an unique opportunity for the independent film community. Rarely – if ever – has a ‘low budget’ independent company attempted an epic sci-fi action project. Night Hawk’s story and visual aspects set it at the same level as some of the biggest blockbuster hits while retaining strong character development and an emotionally engaging plot revolving around courage and self-sacrifice. For decades it has been said that the smaller film companies do not have the means to attempt something on such a grand scale. We intend to establish the Pacific Northwest as a film community to be taken seriously.

Due to the size and scale of this production, Night Hawk is a couple years out from filming. However, preproduction has begun. One of our first projects has been the building of the larkrae prototype. These animals of war will be CGI most of the time, but for long shots, interaction with actors and other various practical effects, a series of puppets will be used. The prototype has allowed us to learn the intricacies of the animal (and the challenges of building one) along with providing a promotional tool to be present at conventions and other events.

larkrae-head larkrae-body
Sculpting the body from a taxidermy mold (gray fox) and modeling clay Casting the various pieces
  Touch up work on foam body (shaving down and patching seams) Working on mechanisms for head / Touch up paint job