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These are some of the ways White Horse Entertainment plans to use its funds, including donations:

Public Events
Getting out into the community helps bring notoriety to the company while securing both support and funds. However, these events cost money (renting booth space, travel expenses, etc.). Over the past year we have attended many events, successfully gaining support and, on average, doubling the money spent. We look to continue attending various city events and conventions, sharing our mission while conducting special fundraising sales. This also helps in marketing as we release our projects (currently “Hoofbeats of the Northwest”).

Independent Contractors

Basically cast and crew. Whatever our project, we want to be honest and fair with those we ask to partner with us to create high quality projects. While there will be times when we depend on volunteers looking for experience, we also understand the value and need for professionals.

Keeping it Legal
From legal advice on contracts, to insurance and appropriate permits for filming in various locations, this is a very real and very important expense in the world of filmmaking.

 Equipment is always expensive. Whether renting or purchasing, a budget must always be in place for such things as cameras, dollies, jibs, lighting equipment, sound equipment, computers and software, costuming, make-up, and much more. Furthermore, many of our projects require special sets and puppetry, which brings modeling equipment and chemicals into the picture.

    ARK Screenshot
Projects to Benefit From Financial Support

(the following list consists of the projects closest to, or currently in, pre-production)

Soul Finder
Based on the modern-day dramatic novel about emotional healing from severe trauma, this project is currently the goal for White Horse Entertainment’s first feature film.

Children’s Series (title and specific details currently withheld)
A series involving live-action performance and puppetry to both educate and celebrate the many cultures from around the world.

Suspense/Thriller Series (title and specific details currently withheld)
A live-action series that explores the dangerous side of our ever-increasing dependence on technology.

Night Hawk
The most ambitious project currently in pre-production, this science-fantasy action series follows a man on a distant planet as he and his fellow Humans face overwhelming odds on the frontline of a devastating world war.

ARK: Armed with Righteous Knowledge
Follow a diverse group of animals as they take you on rip-roarin’ adventures aboard Noah’s ark in fast-paced episodes dealing with a wide range of Biblically-based life lessons.

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